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Was first established on January 30, 1925 as the State Hunting Reserve in Borisov district, from 1959 was functioning as the Berezinsky State Reserve, in 1979 was granted a status of «biosphere» reserve.

From 1995 possesses the European Diploma for Protected Areas, is the key ornithological and the key botanical territory.

From 2001 it is the State Nature Protection Institution «Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve». It is located in the north of the republic in the Belarusian Lakeland, on the territory of three administrative districts – Lepel, Dokshitsy of Vitebsk region and Borisov district of Minsk region. Administrative-economic center is situated in the settlement Domzheritsy, Lepel district Vitebsk region.

The Reserve covers an area of 85,2 thous. ha. Apart from the reserved territory, SNPI «Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve» manages the adjoining experimental sylvicultural hunting ground "Barsuki" and another hunting site called “Berezina” .

State Nature Protection institution «Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve» is a unique object in the Central Europe. Long-term (85 years) work experience in the sphere of flora and fauna protection, long ranges of scientific observations the nature objects have inestimable scientific value for further generations of not only our Republic, but the whole Europe.

Effective protection and development of scientific studies at the Reserve’s territory will contribute to creating the scientific-methods elements of complex ecological monitoring the natural environment conditions of mixed coniferous-broad leaved forests zone of Europe. More detailed information you can get at the official website of the Reserve WWW.BEREZINSKY.BY.